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COVID-19 Prevention

In response to the Stay at Home order Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday afternoon, we urge you to please stay off the Florida Trail during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many sections and facilities along the trail are closed and more are continuing to close each day. Traveling out of town to access the FT also puts the health and safety of our rural communities at risk (i.e. food/gas). We need to take all precautions to limit the spread and severity of COVID-19. Unless the FT is close to you and that corresponding section is open and uncrowded, we encourage you to take only limited, local nature walks practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet.
The Florida Trail will still be available once this passes; but there is far more we could be losing if we do not take this pandemic seriously. Our collective responsibility is to protect the health of our communities and to reduce the strain on our healthcare system. Flatten the curve. Please stay at home.