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Length: 19.6 miles (linear)

Fall brings a profusion of wildflowersNokuse Plantation consists of a rich compilation of upland, wetland and freshwater communities. These communities provide habitat for a myriad of plants and animals, including threatened and endangered species.

The Choctawhatchee River (Chock-taw-HATCH-ee) has its headwaters in Alabama and travels for 170 miles to the Choctawhatchee Bay at Fort Walton Beach. It is considered one of the best touring rivers in the panhandle region of Florida. This broad river, usually yellow in color, is more remote than many of Florida’s rivers. The annual flooding pattern is the main reason for a lack of development along the river banks.The upper portions of the Choctawhatchee have high limestone banks, rocky shoals and some drops. In Florida, the river is calmer and has huge sandbars. The scenery varies from floodplain forests with upland hardwoods and pine hammocks to marshes and swampy wetland. Animals, especially the beaver, abound along the shore.  For more information contact the Choctawhatchee Chapter