Florida Trail Association

Remembering Marjorie Pugh


Marjorie “Yogi” Pugh
August 17, 1960 – November 16, 2020
Black Bear Chapter:
Section Leader & Chapter Council Representative

In Memory of Marjorie Pugh
by Jo Anne Rodkey, Black Bear Chapter

It is difficult to write about Marjorie in the past tense.  She was filled with such zest for life and adventure! Everything she did was pursued with dedication and an intensity for learning.  To help her find focus, her father encouraged her to join the navy at the age of 19.  After her enlistment period was up, she attended college and then joined a research ship in the Bering Sea as part of a U.S. missile tracking station.  Her background in science led her to become a rocket scientist (system maintenance engineer) for the Air Force Space Command.  Her success has served as a role model and inspiration for other women to develop their strengths and follow their dreams.  

Marjorie developed a love of the outdoors from growing up in Florida.  Her love of the Ocala Forest started through her experiences as an ultrarunner.  As part of a run club, she frequently ran 20 mile sections of the Florida Trail.  That led to her interest in backpacking and her goal to thru-hike the Florida Trail.  

Marjorie served an activity leader and as vice-president of the Black Bear Chapter and was our representative on the Florida Trail Chapter Council.  She was enthusiastic about trail maintenance and approached the job with tenacity.  She had a calmness and ease about her that made others feel welcomed.  Marjorie was genuine, fun-loving, and a good friend.  She will be sorely missed.