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Remembering Barbara Nafpliotis

Barbara Nafpliotis passed away January 2016

Tropical Trekkers Chapter

In Remembrance of Barbara Nafpliotis
by Penny Snyder

Barb, as most of us knew her, was a great ambassador for the Tropical Trekkers. She was always there to greet everyone with a friendly smile and a hello. Barb was one of the first members to greet me and make me feel welcome on my first hike. She always encouraging me to go on longer and longer hikes. It was always a treat to hike with her because she would identify every plant on the trail. The only problem was we lost her a lot. Barbara would see a plant or bird off in the distance and she would go. If she was not tracking a bird, she would stop to take pictures and lose us, Since she did not always know where she was, there was usually a person on the hike to stay with her.

In addition to being a member of the Tropical Trekkers, she was also a member of the Audubon Society and Martin County Native Plant Society, Cocoplum chapter.