Florida Trail Association

In Memoriam

Dixie Iris Flower in Micco Bluff (Van Tran)

In remembrance of those in our

FTA community who have passed


Our FTA members and volunteers are the organization’s greatest asset. This page is dedicated to those in our FTA community who have passed away. The contributions and impact these individuals have made to the Florida Trail Association are invaluable. If there is an FTA member/volunteer who is not on this list and should be included, or if you’d like to include more information about a listed individual, please contact Abe Christian. Please include in the e-mail: the person’s name, a brief biographical write-up including their affiliation with the FTA, and their photo.

We would like to express our gratitude to Sandra Friend and other FTA members who have provided us with much of the photos and biographical information for many of these commemorated individuals:

Wes Albright

Roland Alderman

Bill Angel

Wilhelmina “Willie” Angel

Bill Arbuckle

Lou Augspurg

Ernie Baldini

Jean Baldini

Lewis Biggerstaff

Don Bottomley

Terry Bouley

Gloria Boward

Ashby Box

J.J. Brasington

Cornelia Burge

John Buchholz

Ken Carpenter

Thelma Carpenter

Nancy Christensen

Steve Clark

Boyd Close

Kathy Criscola

Mary Pat Cross

Sherry Cummings

Ed Dolan

Carl Dunnam

Wiley Dykes Sr.

Karl & Betty Eichorn

Inez Frink

Chet Fromm

Davida “Pete” Gates

Paul Guyon

Willy Hannemann

Jack Hailman

Norma Hansen

Connie Harris

Bruce Hobson

Patricia Hutto

Gordon Johnson

Robert Johnson

Mary Jones

John Keller

Cecil Kirkham

Al Kisarewich

John Krickel

Dorothy Laker

Bob Lawrence

Del Loyless

John Mahon

Richard Mariscal

Louis Martz

Ray Maxwell

John McGuire

Ben McPherson

Susan E. Mika

Charlie Monson

Ray Morgan

Jack Murnan

Larry Myers

Barbara Nafpliotis

Ray Opitz

Ethel Palmer

Gloria Paul

Ben Pickard

Sunny Piskura

Howard Pospesel

Marjorie Pugh

Les Rhodes

Cathy Riley

Jean Royce

Chuck Russakov

Ralph Sigler

Kenneth Smith

Al Stone

Dorothy Strickhouser

Ed Strickhouser

Saima Takken

Van Taylor

Dade Thornton

Mary Ann Twyford

Selmer Uhr

Elizabeth Van Mierop

Berry Watts

John Weary

Julia Weary

David Wells

John White

Don Winchester