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We want you to be prepared when you take your adventure to the trail!

Here you’ll find everything you need to help prepare for your day-hike or multi-day adventure.

You can also explore Florida Trail by Region for general section descriptions, land management agencies, and local chapter information, related to the section of trail that you are looking to hike.  For general hiking information, please check out the American Hiking Society‘s “Tips for Your Next Hike.”


Long Distance Resources

Registered End to End Hikers
Complete Thru Hiker Packet – Updated July 2019

The Long Distance Hiker Packet Includes the Following Documents:

1. Cover Letter (PDF)
2. FAQ (PDF)
3. Map Prices (PDF)
4. Permits (PDF)
5. Resources (PDF)
6. Seminole Release LETTER (PDF)
7. Seminole Release FORM (PDF)
8. Buckman Lock Combo (PDF
9. End to End Application (PDF)

Long Distance Resources

Hiker Safety

Grab and Go Hikes

10 Essentials for Hiking with Kids


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