Florida Trail Association

Trail Closures and Notices

Below are the existing trail closures and notice to hikers (NTH) on the Florida Trail (FNST). Trail conditions are categorized by region, with the most recent notice first. This information depends on your contributions. Please report trail conditions by contacting the FTA office at fta@floridatrail.org, 352-378-8823.

Please NOTE:  Permanent trail corridor changes to the FNST will be followed with an annual (each October) update to the official FNST maps.  The related NTH will be removed from this website at that time.

***Florida has unpredictable weather and environmental conditions such as storms and wildfires. Sudden closures or trail notices may not be immediately reflected on our website. As an important part of planning your hike, be sure to contact or visit the website of the land managing agency for the section you to plan to hikeLand managing agency contacts can be found here.

Check back often for the latest information. Please visit our store for the latest trail maps.

Procedure for submitting a Notice to Hikers and NTH Template

COVID-19 Related Notices to Hikers

As always, only hike sections of the trail that are open to the public according to the relevant land managing agency.

If significant travel is required, we recommend instead that you explore your local trails and open spaces to reduce risk of spreading the disease.

Follow CDC social distancing guidelines while hiking.

Avoid trailheads that appear to be crowded.

For information about our COVID-19 policies related to FTA sponsored trail maintenance and activities, visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.