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Eight Year-Old Cubby Hikes the Florida Trail


You don’t need to be a huge celebrity to enact positive change.

Take Cubby Treks for example.

At only eight years old this aspiring end-to-end hiker hopes to inspire others to go out and explore the world. She’ll do this by hiking the #FloridaTrail and by blogging about her adventures online.

Through social media, Cubby hopes to showcase Florida’s wild landscapes, while also inspiring others to #OptOutside.

So far, Cubby has trekked through Big Cypress National Preserve, hiked Seminole Reservation, traveled along Eastern Lake Okeechobee, explored Florida’s historic cattle country and enjoyed time spent with her mom, Christina “Teddy” Lambard.

Her favorite activity is meeting new faces on the Florida Trail and learning more about hiking and backpacking in the country.

When Cubby is not hiking, she enjoys her math school projects, bike riding, arts n crafts and playing outside with her friends.

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