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Crew Leader Corner

Headed out to work on the Trail?   Use the forms listed below to make sure you have what you need to run a safe and well-coordinated workday.  All volunteers will need to have filled out a volunteer profile in order to log their volunteer hours.  If they have not filled one out prior to the project, below is a printable profile that the volunteer can fill out at the worksite.

If you have just finished a work project you can report your crew’s volunteer hours and other details in our online Volunteer Hours Entry System. For log in information, email volunteer@floridatrail.org.


FTA COVID 19 Operating Procedures, Revision 2, 7-30-2020

Guide for Volunteer Hours Entry
YOUTUBE Guide for Volunteer Hours Entry
Volunteer Hours Reference Guide
Maintenance Unit Reference Guide

Florida Trail Association Project Form Help Desk– Do you have questions about how to use our forms or where they go after your project?  Please e-mail your questions and comments to volunteer@floridatrail.org


Crew Leader Packet

The entire Crew Leader Packet must be completed prior to any trail construction or maintenance project. The packet includes the following documents separated and listed below.

Complete Crew Leader Packet – PDF (For Viewing)

Complete Crew Leader Packet – PDF – Print Ready (Portrait Setting)

Project Paperwork Summary- This is a summary of all the forms and paperwork a Florida Trail Association Crew Leader will need to lead trail maintenance. Consult this form to learn the Purpose and Procedure for each of the forms below.

Project Paperwork Summary – PDF

Project Paperwork Summary – MS Word

Project Report Form– What are volunteer hours? Do my hours count? How can I document the work I did? The work our volunteers do is an invaluable contribution to recreation in the State of Florida.  Help us capture that contribution by making sure you report the hard work you and your crew have done. You can enter your hours online or use this hard copy.  Answers to all your volunteer hours and work questions are on the form.

Online Project Report Form – Interactive PDF
**To use this form: First save the blank document to your computer.  Then fill it in with the appropriate information.  This document can not be saved with the information filled in, but can be emailed and printed.

Project Report Form – MS Word

Tailgate Safety Session– Make sure volunteers feel prepared for what they should expect on the project.  Use the tailgate safety session to discuss project specific hazards and details.  This document will help you make sure you have covered all your bases and your volunteers feel like they know what to expect.

Tailgate Safety Session – PDF

Tailgate Safety Session – MS Word

Volunteer Profile Form– Encourage your volunteers to sign up with our online Volunteer Profile system before your project, but bring a few hard copies just in case! Once you have hard copies, you can scan and send to volunteer@floridatrail.org.

Volunteer Profile – PDF
*First save to your computer.  Then fill out the form online and either print and mail or email to the information above.

Volunteer Profile – MS Word

FTA Assumption of Risk– Make sure all your volunteers sign FTA’s Assumption of Risk form before your project. Please mail this to the Gainesville office.

FTA Assumption of Risk, Modified for COVID-19 – PDF

FTA Assumption of Risk, Modified for COVID-19 – MS Word

Trailhead Communications Plan– You are ten miles into the back country, how will you get your volunteers to definitive medical care should they become sick or injured.  Who do you call to get help?  These are all questions the Trailhead Communications Plan will help you answer.

Online Trailhead Communications Plan – Interactive PDF
*Does not save as a filled in document.  You must email or print once the document is filled in.

Trailhead Communications Plan – MS Word

Emergency Action Plan– Emergency situations can get hectic. Make sure you get help from your crew and assign roles ahead of time just in case!

Emergency Action Plan – PDF

Emergency Action Plan – MS Word

Job Hazard Analysis – The  Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) ensures volunteers have been briefed on the activities, the associated hazards, and how to mitigate those hazards. Please mail these to the Gainesville office.

JHA COVID-19 FNST Executed 30June2020 –  We highly recommend that crew leaders attach the COVID-19 JHA to confirmation emails sent to volunteers in advance of events.

One Pager COVID 19 Trail Maintenance Guide – Feel free to print this handy graphic for use at trail maintenance events or attach the document to confirmation emails sent to volunteers in advance of events.

FNST General Trail Maintenance JHA  PDF

FNST Chainsaw JHA – PDF

FNST Crosscut Saw JHA – PDF

FNST Mower and Brushcutter JHA – PDF

FNST Canycom JHA

Youth Participant Waiver Form– For all youth under the age of 18 to participant in volunteering on the Florida Trail, this document must be signed by a guardian

Youth Participant Waiver – MS Word

Youth Participant Waiver – PDF

Volunteer Injury Packet

The Volunteer Injury Packet  contains information on how to report injuries, seek medical treatment and document the incident.  This packet should be downloaded in its entirety and carried with the volunteer crew leader during the project. The packet includes the following documents separated and listed below:

Injury Packet Revised September 2020

SOAP Note – The SOAP note is a useful tool for the volunteer.  It is a way to document pertinent medical information on your patient for relay to a higher level of medical care and can save valuable time and provide critical information.  Volunteers attending WFA, WAFA, or WFR certification will become better acquanted with how to use this form.

SOAP_note – MS Word

SOAP_note -PDF

CA-16 – Authorization for Examination and/or Treatment from the US Department of Labor

CA-16 Revised 2018 – PDF

Witness Statement – Form to be filled out by someone who witnessed the incident

FTA-Witness-Statement – MS Word

FTA-Witness-Statement – PDF

Saw Incident Report Form – Form to be filled out when an injury from the use of a chainsaw or crosscut saw occurs

FTA Saw Incident Report – MS Word

FTA Saw Incident Report – PDF

Other Documents to Know

FTA Trail Manual

USDA Health and Safety Code Handbook

 Florida Trail Incident Report Form – MS Word

 Florida Trail Incident Report Form – PDF

Chapter Operating Procedures FTA Board Approved 10.19.2019

One Pager COVID 19 Trail Maintenance Guide