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Citrus Loop Trails

Length: 46.8 miles in 4 loops

The Citrus Tract, Withlacoochee State Forest is southwest of Inverness, FL and immediately south of SR 44 The Citrus Tract has a dry, all-weather trail on alternately flat and hilly terrain. You may plan day hikes on loop trails and overnight hikes of up to 43.3 miles on the perimeter trail. Trail mileage totals 46.8.

Lizzie Hart Sink (Sandra Friend)The Citrus Hiking Trail is the state’s longest backpacking loop trail in a single contiguous forest and is Central Florida’s most rugged hiking trail, with aggressively rolling sandhills, steep descents into sinkholes, and rock-strewn footpaths. Hikers enjoy a stunning array of contrasting habitats and numerous opportunities for wildlife encounters. It is also a well-groomed trail, easily followed, with a clearly defined footpath and signposts at trail junctions. Orange blazes designate the outer loop, while blue blazes mark the cross trails and side trails.  Lizzie Hart Sink Photo: (Sandra Friend)

Backpacking the perimeter Citrus Hiking Trail can take up to 4 days and requires some logistical planning. There are no surface streams, so you must consider this a dry trail. Karst features – sinkholes and solution holes – seasonally retain some rainfall, as do flatwoods ponds. The designated primitive campsites have no water sources.

The Citrus Tract is laced with unimproved roads with loose sand that should be avoided by two-wheel drive vehicles. This road network and the interconnecting trail links make it possible to plan a variety of hikes. The shortest loop, Loop A, takes 8.5 miles to hike from Holder Mine Campground, and is part of the Florida State Forests Trailwalker program.

Obtain a brochure on the Citrus Tract from Withlacoochee State Forest, 15019 Broad St, Brooksville, FL 34601.