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New Bridge on Camp Blanding

When the Florida Trail (FNST) was relocated off of the Keystone Airpark, a dead end was created on the western boundary of Camp Blanding Joint Training Center. This forced hikers to walk the road for 8 miles to bypass the section.

Thanks to the work of some key volunteers from the North Florida Trail Blazers (NFTB) chapter, a new route was negotiated with Camp Blanding, which turned the one-way trail into a thru-hike once again. This allows hikers to avoid several miles of road walk, and opens new areas of military installation to end users.

Highlights of the new route include the beautiful Lost Pond, the abandoned Magnolia State Park, and the new bridge over Alligator Creek. This bridge was built on a stormy day with a very enthusiastic crew! Thanks to the NFTB chapter this part of the Florida Trail is back open to the public! Congrats!