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Rafael Sanchez Trail

Length: 6 miles linear

The south end of Lake Okeechobee Ridge Park is located at the Port Mayaca Recreation Area east of US 441 and just north of the St. Lucie Canal. The north trailhead is located 2.3 miles south of the Chauncey Bay boat launch on the east side of US 441. The hike parallels US 441 as a deeply shaded stroll along the ancient lakeshore ridge.

Raphael Sanchez Trail (Deb Blick)The Rafael Sanchez Trail in Lake Okeechobee Ridge Park is a cooperative effort between Martin County and the Florida Trail Association. The land was purchased to preserve the last remaining remnant of the original shoreline of Lake Okeechobee. The land for the trail was donated by the Sanchez family who own the sugar cane fields to the east.  Photo: Raphael Sanchez Trail (Deb Blick)

The Rafael Sanchez Trail is a 6.0-mile linear trail that wanders through a thin strip of coastal hammock between US 441 to the west and sugar cane fields to the east. The hammock is dominated by tall cypress trees, cabbage palms, and large cedar trees. Although the hike parallels US 441, you’re in a lush tropical oasis recalling Florida’s colorful past.