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Pine Log

Pine Log Trail in Pine Log Section – 8 miles

The Pine Log Trail was the Panhandle Chapter’s first trail.  It was built in the mid 1980s shortly after the chapter’s formation in 1982. Most of this lovely 8-mile length of Florida National Scenic Trail
passes through Pine Log State Forest. This State Forest, the oldest in the State, is managed by the Florida Forestry Service.

The western end of the Pine Log Trail is located where Strickland Rd meets SR 20 on the west side of SR 79. The eastern end is located where the trail meets SR 20 once again, on the east side of SR 79. The trail passes (west to east) by four beautiful cypress ponds within the Sand Pond Recreation Area, crosses under SR 79 and parallels Pine Log Creek for a few hundred yards, follows the site of the 1820’s historic Military Road for a short distance, passes through stately pine flatwoods, and leads hikers through the dark and mysterious Luke’s Trail. The Pine Log Trail passes within about a half mile of the small town of Ebro, where through hikers can find a motel, convenience store, and sandwich shop.