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The Florida Trail Association appreciates working with local organizations, and businesses to help put on successful events and programs!



In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, REI  generously granted the FTA with a $5,000 each year. In 2014, the grant went to support our mapping efforts, and in 2015 the grant was used to sponsor signing efforts through Ocala and Osceola National forests.  In 2016 the Florida Trail Program worked with volunteers, the USFS and land management partners to coordinate the installation of fresh water pitcher pumps on the Florida Trail.  And in 2017, grant money was used to install nearly 50 road signs at road crossing of the Florida Trail, alerting vehicle traffic of the presence of hikers.  



In 2014, the American Hiking Society‘s National Trails Fund generously provided FTA with a $5,000 contribution to help rebuild Spring Creek. Thanks AHS!



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In 2014, Plum Creek provided the FTA with a $15,000 grant to help rebuild our volunteer capacity. Thanks Plum Creek!




Partners and Contributors



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