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The Florida Trail Association is the leading non-profit volunteer organization that builds, maintains and protects the Florida National Scenic Trail, one of 11 national scenic trails in the nation.  But we build more than trails.  We build a sense of community, youth outreach and involvement, environmental stewardship and awareness.  FTA builds the opportunity to get outside, get your hands a little dirty, and the chance to be a part of something bigger. Keeping Florida’s hiking trails open for public use takes both a massive effort by our volunteers and serious expenditures for building boardwalks, bridges, and trailheads, keeping signage intact, for mowers – our main tool in clearing the rapid growth of vegetation – and much more.

Our vision of fully protecting the statewide Florida Trail as a public corridor requires the purchase of land. As you may know, the Florida Trail Association is funded, in part, by a federal grant, but relies significantly on charitable gifts from its family of members, to cover the additional costs for which grant funds are restricted. Through the Florida Trail Association, your gifts can be made in unlimited

form for capital projects, educational programs, land acquisition, trail maintenance or for the general discretionary use of the Association. Give back to the Florida Trail Association and help us work towards our mission.