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Hinson Loop Trail

Length: 4.6 Mile System

The new Hinson Trail is a beautiful 4.6-mile system of loop trails along the Chipola River, located in the Hinson Conservation and Recreation Area just south of the town of Marianna, FL. The Hinson Trail is part of the Chipola River Greenway, which is a National Recreation Trail.  This trail was built with hundreds of hours of dedicated volunteer support during two FTA F-Troop events in 2012.
The trail route includes a 3.7-mile perimeter trail around the inside boundary of the property, subdivided by three connector links that form four lovely loop trails. These four loop trails, the North, East, West, and South Loops, offer a broad range of walking experiences, featuring high bluffs overlooking the Chipola River, several large and many small sink holes, two walk-in caves, a stretch of trail that follows the still-remaining steel rails of the old Marianna and Blountstown (M&B) Railroad, beautiful native plants and animals, rare and protected species including a gopher tortoise preserve, and meadows of vintage pecan orchards. The entrance to the HCRA and Hinson Trail, via Gator Hole Lane, is on SR 73, a mile south of Marianna. The Hinson Trail trailhead is at the eastern end of Gator Hole Lane and features picnic tables, portable toilets, and a small boat launch ramp.  For more information contact the Panhandle Chapter.