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Garcon Point Trail

Length: 1.7 mile loop + 1.2 mile spur

Pitcher Plants (Sandra Friend)The Garcon Point Water Management Area is located on CR 191 south of Milton in Santa Rosa County. This is one of the most spectacular spots in the Southeast to see pitcher plants, most notably the endangered white-topped pitcher plant. Garcen Point is also part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. Bird watchers will delight in looking for Henslow and LeConte sparrows as well as harriers, bluebirds and dozens of other species.

This land was purchased by the Northwest Florida Water Management District to protect water quality in the surrounding bays and to preserve remnant examples of estuarine tidal marsh, wet prairie and wet flatwoods habitats. The District has identified at least 13 endangered or threatened plant and animal species in the preserve. Hikers may view orchids and many carnivorous plants, including pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts and bladderworts. More uncommon plants include the Blackjack Oak and Curtis’ sandgrass, found in only four counties in Florida. Bird life includes rare Henslow and Leconte’s sparrows as well as bluebirds, pine warblers, osprey, harriers and red-tailed hawks. For more information contact the Western Gate Chapter