Florida Trail Association

FTA Trail Manual

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Table of Contents

Glossary of Terms

Section 1

101-Florida Trail
102-Volunteer Roles Trail Committees
103-FTA Trail Crew Leader
104-FTA Chapter Maintenance Responsibilities for the FNST
105-Scheduling Marketing and Advertising for Trail Workdays
106-FTA Trail Staff Roles

Section 2

201-Trail Standards for Design-Clearing and Maintenance
202-Trail Signage and Blazing
203-Trail Design and Layout
204-Trail Construction and Maintenance
205-Notice To Hikers
206-Trail Maps and Data Book
207-Tools and Power Equipment and Materials
208-Tailgate Safety Session Volunteer Profile
209-Acquisition of Trail Tools Material and Services Dispostion of Tools
210-Trail Relocations FNST-Optiomal Location Reveiw
211-Basic Trail Maintenance

Section 3

301-Chapter Trail Coordinator Nomination Form Rev-22 (PDF)
302-Section Leader Nomination Form1 (PDF)
303-Land Managers Guide to Trail Standards and Guidelines for the FNST
304-Addendum Minimum Standards and Guidelines for the FNST
305-FNST Optimal Location Review Process Guidelines
306-Request for Cannibalization Modification and Registration of FS Owned Property
307-Inventory of Trail Tools and Equipment (PDF)
308-FNST Request for Equipment Tools Supplies and Personal Protective Gear (PDF)
309-Chapter Reimbursement Request Form (PDF)
311-Notice to Hikers (PDF)

Trail Documents

FTA Policy Statement for Trail Route Protection through Land Aquisition
Twin Rivers SF to Aucilla River Gap Corridor Location Review
FTA-FS Volunteer Services Agreement 2012-2013

Volunteer Hours and Trail Operations Report

2016/2017 Trail Operations Volunteer Hours
2014/2015 Trail Operations Report (PDF Download)
2014/2015 Trail Operations Report (ISSUU Digital Reader)