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The FTA Office is Moving!

     During the week of February 5, we will be moving to 1050 NW 2nd Street, Suite A, Gainesville, FL 32601. Our Administrative Director, Janet Akerson, and Membership & Retail Coordinator, Diane Strong, will not be answering phones, filling orders or answering emails from now through the 11th. Our other FTA staff members including the Regional Reps, Community Outreach Coordinator and Trails Program Director will be available by email and phone in this time. The new office will be open for business on Monday, February 12. Phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

     Although there is much history and love for our “little house on the prairie,” we’re excited for this move. Our current building has been determined unsafe and unoccupiable.  The building has tested high in concentrations of mold and other pollutants and is beyond a point of remediation. It is unfit for the health and well-being of our FTA office staff.
     Our new office is quite a change.  For those of you who know Gainesville, we’re moving into the city behind the Main Street Publix and will also be conveniently located alongside a paved biked path. Our landlords who built the office also own a construction company.  It is solid. We have 900 sq. feet of office space and a 600 sq. foot warehouse attached at the back.  We’ll have 3 offices, a reception area, a small kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.  Our North FL Regional REp, Jeff Glenn, will have storage space for his tool cache with room to move!
     The Board of Directors has established a committee to determine the next steps with respect to the old building and the property on SW 13 Street.  We have a 3-year lease on the new office, which allows us time to make thoughtful decisions and plan for the future.
     We hope you’ll come visit the new office when you’re in Gainesville for the annual meeting on April 7.  We’re excited to show it off!
The FTA Team