The Florida Trail by Region

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Click here to explore an interactive map of the Florida Trail (FNST). (If you have problems on the ESRI site, search “Florida National Scenic Trail” in their search box.)

FNST1The Florida Trail (FNST) is a congressionally designated National Scenic Trail.  It is approximately 1,300-miles long, and is intended to offer a continuous, permanent non-motorized recreation opportunity for hiking and other compatible activities. Over its length, it showcases the incredible biodiversity, history, and rich culture of Florida.  Its termini lie in Gulf Islands National Seashore to the North, and Big Cypress National Preserve to the South. It is one of 11 congressionally designated national scenic trails.

The Florida Trail Association (FTA) is the leading non-profit volunteer organization that builds, maintains, and protects the Florida Trail.  FTA is committed to preserving the Florida Trail as a scenic hiking trail which showcases the diversity of Florida’s ecosystems. Many sections of the Florida Trail are well-developed, have modern facilities, and can accommodate a broader range of users, including children, bicyclists, and people with accessibility needs. FTA supports and encourages all people to get outdoors and recreate responsibly on the Florida Trail.

Click the regional links above for more information on each section of trail, including a narrative description, land management information, and more on what you can expect to find on the Florida Trail.