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Florida Trail Association Awards

The Florida Trail Association’s annual awards serve as a way to recognize members, volunteers, partners, and supporters for their incredible contributions to the organization and the trail. Every year we ask our partners, members and volunteers to nominate people in the community for their exceptional contributions.

Volunteer Awards Nomination Form

Volunteer Awards Nominations are due by 5PM EST on Friday, March 22, 2019.
Awards will be presented at the FTA Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 6, 2019 in Gainesville, FL.

Award Categories

The following awards are presented at the president’s discretion:

Cornelia Burge Volunteer Award

Presented annually to members who have made extraordinary progress toward meeting the purposes and objectives of the FTA on a statewide basis.

Cornelia Burge Volunteer Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to those select members who have demonstrated lifetime dedication to the mission and goals of the FTA. This award will recognize those individuals who have participated in all levels of the organization numerous times throughout their years as a member of the FTA.

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Champion of the Florida Trail Award

This award is presented to public officials who have provided leadership in advocating on behalf of the Florida Trail, as well as landowners and agencies who have significantly contributed to the completion and protection of the Florida Trail.

Champion of the Trail Award Winners

State awards selected by the Awards Committee from member nominations:

Friend of the Florida Trail Association

Presented to non-members or organizations that have made significant contributions to the Florida Trail Association. This may be to a land owner or land manager who has been of noteworthy assistance, or to a monetary donor. The person may incidentally be a member of the FTA but the assistance was made “outside” the organization.

Friend of the FTA Award Winners

Pathfinder Award

This award is presented to a member of the media (newspaper, magazine, television, radio, social media) who has promoted the goals and objectives of the Florida Trail Association and has highlighted the health benefits of backpacking, hiking or walking.

Pathfinder Award Winners

John Weary Trail Worker Award

This award is presented annually to members who have made extraordinary efforts as trail maintainers in helping reach our organizational goal of a continuous trail across Florida, and those who have worked diligently in building and maintaining the side and loop trails of the Florida Trail System.

John Weary Trail Worker Award Winners

Special Service Award

This award is presented to members who have made significant contributions to the Florida Trail Association at a state or chapter level. Examples of significant contributions may include leadership, fundraising, recruitment, outreach, or other valuable volunteer services.

Special Service Award Winners

Activity Leader Award

Presented to members who have made extraordinary efforts and are highly qualified as Activity Leaders or Activity Coordinators using activities as a means to introduce the public to the Florida Trail. The nominee should have a history of successful and innovative activity leadership, displaying a knowledge of the Activity Leader Guidelines, and possess skills such as first aid, map reading, knowledge of local flora & fauna, or culture and history.

Activity Leader Award Winners

Twenty-Five Year Anniversary Award

This award is presented to members with twenty five years of continuous membership.