Florida Trail Association

Florida Trail Map and Databook

Florida National Scenic Trail Interactive Map: This map contains USDA Forest Service GIS data for the Florida Trail. Please send any corrections or comments regarding this Forest Service on-line map to FNST@fs.fed.us.

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Florida Trail Databook

Below is a break down of The Florida Trail Data Book, free for download. The use of a red font in the data book’s entries indicates a change from the previous edition. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Florida Trail Data Book, please visit our store.

–Region 1 – South Florida
–Region 2E – Okeechobee East
–Region 2W – Okeechobee West
–Region 3 – Kissimmee River
–Region 4E – Eastern Corridor
–Region 4W – Western Corridor
–Region 5 – North Florida
–Region 6 – Eastern Panhandle
–Region 7 – Western Panhandle
–Region 8S – Western Gate
–Region 8N – Blackwater River
— Region 9 – Lake O