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Eglin West

Length: 34 miles

North bound thru-hikers, traveling west through the panhandle will pass through Holt along US 90 and proceed south on Log Lake Road. They can then head south and west, through the Yellow River Ravines and Weaver Creek Sections, to the northern terminus of the FNST in the Gulf Islands National Seashore or, upon reaching Deer Lake Junction, proceed north on the official FNST side trail to the Florida/Alabama state line.

Yellow River Ravines Section

This section generally runs northeast/southwest between Log Lake Road and State Road 87 through a variety of terrain along the north side of the Yellow River. Near the northeast end, Guest Lake Park provides a camping opportunity. Reaching Deer Lake Junction, hikers may choose to head for Ft. Pickens in Gulf Islands National Seashore on the main trail and camp at Wild Azalea campsite. For those choosing to head north on the blue-blazed side trail toward Alabama, there is camping at Burnt Grocery Creek Campsite.

Weaver Creek Section

Dean Creek Bridge (Linda Benton)This section loosely follows the SR 87 corridor. About two and a half miles south of the Yellow River, a blue-blazed spur trail loops around the Buck Pond Campsite, which is also vehicle accessible. Continuing south, the trail parallels Weaver Creek for several miles and reaches its headwater about 4 miles from the Buck Pond. Weaver’s source is a deep steephead with numerous springlets. The elevation changes in the area offer the observant hiker several vistas in the winter. On the southern part of the trail there is one backcountry campsite (Dean – not vehicle accessible).

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