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Big Cypress North

Length: 30.2 miles (linear)

The trail north of Big Cypress National Preserve lies within the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. Much of the landscape is similar to the Preserve, except it gets somewhat higher and drier with more pinelands. Hikers view canals, orange groves, farm and cattle lands, and Indian homes including their picturesque chickees.

The trail follows roads in the Indian Reservation, permitting access to three unique attractions — Billie Swamp Safari, the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, and the Big Cypress Campground. Other places of interest include a Visitor Center, village, rodeo, and churches. Billie Swamp Safari is a wilderness preserve of prairie, swamp, and hammock with excellent facilities and interesting tours. The Ah-Tah-TFlorida Pantherhi-Ki Museum shows a blend of old and modern Seminole cultures and history. The loop nature trail behind the museum is well worth the time and price of admission. The Indian Reservation lands connect with the South Florida Water Management District canals at the northeast corner of the Reservation. These canals pass through scenic farmland where cattle and horses graze.