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By supporting the goals and mission of the Florida Trail Association, the Florida Trail Alliance works to support, protect, preserve, and promote the Florida Trail; the recreational and health benefits that it provides local communities, land management agencies, and individual outdoors enthusiasts; and the nature-based tourism opportunities provided by this network of volunteer maintained trails to communities and regions.

Alliance Member Level 1
Boy Scout Troop 205, St. Augustine
Boy Scout Troop 497, Cocoa Beach
Boy Scout Troop 611, Gainesville
Boy Scout Troop 238, Pompano Beach
Boy Scout Troop 150, McClenny
Boy Scout Troop 3, Land O’ Lakes
Boy Scout Troop 84, Gainesville
Boy Scout Troop 125, Gainesville
Keystone Airpark Authority, Keystone Heights
Nokuse Education, Inc
USF Outdoor Recreation

Alliance Member Level 3
Washington County Tourist Development Council