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FTA Board Decisions Regarding Resumption of FTA Chapter Activities

Chapter Activities (recreational outings, outreach, meetings)

FTA chapters will have the option to resume activities (other than trail maintenance) starting May 16th, 2020. Until further notice, any FTA activities must abide by the following:

Individuals may not participate in in-person FTA activities if…

    • They have experienced any of the following symptoms within the last 14 days:
      • A new fever
      • A new cough that is not because of another illness
      • A new shortness of breath that is not because of another illness
      • A new sore throat that is not because of another illness
      • Sore muscles not because of existing illness, or not from exercise or injury
      • Diagnosis of an infection
      • Exposure to someone known to be infected
    • Someone they are closely associated with experiencing any of the above symptoms.
    • They are currently experiencing unmanaged seasonal allergy symptoms (e.g., persistent cough, sneezing). If you have become infected but do not know it yet, persistent allergy symptoms could mask early symptoms of infection.
    • They are at high risk for severe illness according to the CDC


Mandatory safety measures for chapter-led activities:

  • As always, activities may only take place in areas confirmed to be open to the public.
  • Do not carpool with non-household members.
  • No more than 10 participants.
  • Practice frequent and thorough hand washing when available. If soap and running water are not immediately available, alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol should be utilized.
  • Disinfect hands before and after signing Assumption of Risk form. Alternatively, encourage participants to bring their own pen.
  • Maintain minimum physical distancing of 6 feet.
  • No sharing of consumables (food, water, etc.). No shared meals or potluck style events. Everyone should bring their own items and remove their own trash.
  • Select trails that are not as popular or well known to avoid large crowds.
  • If you arrive and find a crowded parking lot, consider relocating to a different trail.
  • Masks must be provided by the participant.
  • At minimum, masks must be worn during any time there is a significant risk that 6ft social distancing could be violated.
  • Move only your own equipment. If you must help someone carry something such as a kayak or canoe, disinfect hands before and after.
  • If trail access requires opening gates, the same individual should open and close gates on the way in and out and disinfect hands before and after.
  • Chapters are urged to hold chapter meetings on Zoom or other virtual platforms. Any in-person meetings should follow the above safety measures as well as CDC measures.

Click here to view a PDF of FTA’s COVID-19 Operating Procedures as of 7.31.2020

All activities conducted under the auspices of the Florida Trail Association must be led by approved Activity Leaders.  FTA Activity Leaders undergo training followed by a local apprenticeship co-leading activities with established Activity Leaders. Chapters may hold their own Activity Leaders training based upon the Activity Leader’s Guide or may request FTA staff to conduct regional leadership trainings.

Activity Leader Forms

Forms for planning, conducting and reporting activities. *It is mandatory for Activity Leaders to submit Activity Proposals to their Chapter Activity Chair for approval before advertising and leading any activities – whether hikes, events, or trail maintenance.

Activity Leader’s Guide

The Activity Leader’s Guide contains requirements for becoming an Activity Leader and FTA emergency protocols as well as information on planning, preparing for, and leading activities. Click HERE to download the Activity Leader Guide.